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The latest edition of Adding Value is here

What Is The Foundation? ― What Does It Do?

The Foundation is a registered charitable trust dedicated to helping young people acquire the experiences, values, skills, and opportunities they need to develop their full potential as young New Zealanders.

Our Foundation seeks to value, support, nurture and encourage younger new Zealanders to be the best that they can be as individuals or as part of a family, or any team or collective.

The key concepts involve developing a respect for others and for oneself.

In many instances we provide our resources completely free of charge.

Our latest resources include:

Amazing Me (for families, parents and pre-school teachers in Early Childhood Centres.)

Gemstones II (which is currently under development.)

Career Passport To Success (for those seeking employment.)

Growing Safely Together (for families with older children.)

Adding Value (for school teachers)



― You may register at addingvalue@youngnz.org.nz if you would like to receive an automatic copy of each edition in the future.